Established in 1977, Northeastern Junior College Foundation endows the future of NJC, its students, and faculty through solicitation, management, and recognition of donations, while promoting NJC through out the State of Colorado, the region, and the nation.​​

The Northeastern Junior College Foundation
2017-2018 Board of Directors

 Jim Hendrix, John Sonnenberg, Carol Kiel, Chip Steger, Jay Brammer,  Lorretta Davidson- Treasurer, Mike Benson-President, E.J Wright- Vice President, Jim Smith-Secretary
Northeastern Junior College Foundation Board of Directors along with the staff are committed to increasing support and finding new ways to encourage community involvement with NJC.  The NJC Foundation is designed to promote the welfare of Northeastern Junior College through charitable, scientific, and literary and educational purposes.  The Foundation's main function is to encourage, receive and administer gifts and bequests of any property given in trust or any other manner to the Foundation, in order to accommodate the wishes of our donors. We appreciate all of you that have given in the past and we look forward to what the future holds for NJC, one student at a time.